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  • Mathias Homann

    Mathias Homann - 2000-09-15

    anyone here got glui 2.0.1 to compile under linux?

    • Mathias Homann

      Mathias Homann - 2000-09-19

      ok, got it to compile...
      btw, grab rpm packages for openuniverse with GUI, binary packages compiled for SuSE 7.0 w/ XFree 4.0, at ftp://ftp.eregion.de/pub

      • Raul Alonso

        Raul Alonso - 2000-09-19

        Hey, thanks for making the package available. If you don't mind i'll post the URL in the news section.


        • Mathias Homann

          Mathias Homann - 2000-09-20

          Ok, post it, but be sure to mention that
          a) excess traffic costs me MY money :( and
          b) point the people to my web site www.eregion.de and tell them to hit the Downloads button on the left...

            btw, how can I add more stars (the whole tycho catalogue?)

    • Mathias Homann

      Mathias Homann - 2001-01-23

      I made a small patch against OU 1.0 beta 3, so that screenshots won't be saved in the install tree but in the current directory, patch will be on ftp.eregion.de soon, can anyone check if it works outside the unix world?

      • Mathias Homann

        Mathias Homann - 2001-01-27

        ok, new packages are on my ftp, as well as the diff totry out...

        can anyone try if that diff works on non-unix systems??


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