Problem during make

  • Thomas Immel

    Thomas Immel - 2000-10-11

    Hi. I'm having a problem compiling ou, on Solaris 8 with
    gcc version 2.95.2. comet.cpp conks out with:

    comet.cpp: In function `void CometTail(int)':
    comet.cpp:56: implicit declaration of function `int glPointParameterfvEXT(...)'

    Maybe if I wasnt a complete newbie I could fix this but...

    It's been sort of a fight, I had to just copy all the gl
    related include files into src and remove all the GL/ portions of the include lines. But I am close!

    Using latest Mesa and Glut, though that is not associated with my current prob.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Thomas Immel

      Thomas Immel - 2000-10-16

      Hi again,
        Found the comet.cpp fix in the bugs forum. Allowed me to compile. Don't know why I had this prob, since I have Mesa 3.3. Anyway, now I'm fighting a bug loading Apollo13

      Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x00 0x0a

      I can xv all the apl*.jpg files, so who knows what's happening this time.


      • Thomas Immel

        Thomas Immel - 2000-10-17

        I'll just keep answering my own questions. I see in the bugs section that the 3d models are loaded in little-endian, so that's that. And so there go all the asteroids. If anyone wants to send me the file format, I can probably byteswap the 3d models to get Sun compatible files out there.


        • Raul Alonso

          Raul Alonso - 2000-10-17

          Sorry for not answering before.

          Don't spend a single minute working on the models. I'm aware of the little/big endian problem and i'll be moving all models to a text format (probably XGL or VRML).


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