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(Some core definitions are replicated here.)

  • valve body / valve base

    • Valve component plumbed into the radiator's pipework; allows dynamic regulation of the flow of water through the radiator. Control is by means of a spring-loaded pin driven by a valve head.
  • valve head

    • Enclosed part that screws onto the valve body (vertically in the UK, horizontally in continental Europe). Presses on the pin and thus regulates the flow of water through the radiator. Could be a simple knob or a TRV, for example.
  • valve actuator

    • Valve head or part of valve head that moves the pin in the valve body. It is controlled by a valve controller.
  • valve controller

    • That which controls the valve actuator.
  • thermostatic radiator valve head (TRV)

    • Comprises a valve actuator and a thermostatic valve controller. Conventionally the thermostatic valve controller is a mechanism built into the valve head that comprises a fluid or wax that expands or contracts according to the ambient temperature.

Proposed definitions

  • electronic TRV (eTRV)

    • TRV where the integral thermostatic valve controller is electronic and programmable. Uses an electronic temperature sensor and microcontroller. May be programmable by means of a USB port or wirelessly; may have an LCD interface and buttons. "Integral" here means that the electronic valve controller is built into the valve head or connected to it by a cable or by a one-to-one wireless connection with a wall-mounted unit.
  • intelligent TRV (iTRV)

    • Electronic TRV where the integral thermostatic valve controller bases the target temperature on additional information such as room occupancy. It is capable of being influenced by other heating system components and is capable of transmitting information to other heating system components such as a boiler controller.


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