The Open Toolkit library 1.1.3 released

OpenTK 1.1.3 was released on 20 June 2014.

This release resolves a number of identified issues and synchronizes the OpenGL and OpenGL ES bindings with the June 2014 Khronos specifications.


Fixed a potential crash in bindings accepting a string array.
Fixed a marshalling issue where bindings might return an incorrect boolean value on some architectures.
Fixed a regression where mouse scrolling coordinates on Linux where flipped. Mouse scrolling now uses identical coordinate systems on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X: (+x, +y) = (right, up).
Fixed a potential deadlock when exiting the X11/XInput2 subsystem.
Fixed an issue where single-to-half floating point conversions would return incorrect results for specific numbers.
Added an API compatibility test - backwards-incompatible changes will now cause a compilation failure in the continuous integration server.
New platform: XQuartz (X11 over Mac OS X).
New platform: XWayland (X11 over Wayland).
New OpenGL and OpenGL ES extensions:

OpenTK 1.1.3 is backwards compatible with 1.1.2. Users of previous versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Posted by Stephen A 2014-06-20 Labels: stable opentk-1.1 opengl opengles

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