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The Open Toolkit 1.0 beta-1 released


This is the first beta release of OpenTK 1.0. Important changes include:
* Type-safe OpenGL|ES 2.0 bindings.
* A large number of new examples on picking, shaders, dds textures, constructive solid geometry and multithreading.
* Improved Mac OS X support.
* Improved multi-monitor support.
* Improved multithreading support.
* A large number of bug- and stability fixes.
* Improved documentation.
* Improvements and bugfixes to the build system.
* Temporary removal of OpenGL|ES 1.0, 1.1 and OpenCL bindings.

Please visit to report issues or request features.

[Resolved issues]


[Known issues]

* Mono 2.2 and 2.4.0 fail to compile OpenTK due to a compiler bug ( Please compile with Mono 2.0, 2.4.2+ or use the supplied binaries instead.
* The example browser is incomplete.
* The Mac OS X port needs work. If you are interested in helping out, please make a post at
* MonoDevelop fails to sign assemblies (bugs and\).
* OpenGL 3.2 methods may be missing specific tokens. Please report any such issues at

[API changes]

Please note that binary compatibility is not preserved between beta releases.

If you are upgrading from OpenTK 0.9.9-0 or earlier you can simplify the upgrade process by adding a reference to OpenTK.Compatibility.dll and OpenTK.GLControl.dll (if necessary). OpenTK.Compatibility contains code and APIs that have been deprecated and removed from the core library, as well as code for interoperation with the Tao framework.

[1.0 beta-1]

1. Compiler errors in OpenTK.Graphics.ES20 about missing "All" enums.
Solution: The ES20 namespace now contains proper, type-safe enums, similar to the OpenGL and OpenAL namespaces. Please replaces all instances of the All enum by the enums suggested by your compiler.

2. DisplayDevice.AvailableDevices and AvailableResolutions now return IList<DisplayDevice> and IList<DisplayResolution> instead of DisplayDevice[] and DisplayResolution[], respectively.
Solution: Please store the return value in an IList<T> variable, instead of T[] (where T may be DisplayDevice or DisplayResolution). This issue is unlikely to come up in practice.

3. OpenGL|ES 1.0, 1.1 and OpenCL namespaces are missing.
Solution: These namespaces were not finalized in time for OpenTK 1.0 will be distributed as separate libraries. Please upgrade to the latest 1.x-dev release in

Posted by Stephen A 2009-11-10

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