The Open Toolkit library 0.9.8-1 and 0.9.9

OpenTK 0.9.8-1 is a bugfix release in the 0.9.8 series.

* TextPrinter.Clear() no longer corrupts text rendering.
Matrix4.CreateOrthographic() no longer returns an invalid matrix.
* Optimized Matrix4.Mult() should increase matrix multiplication speed by 50-100%.
* OpenTK.Math now contains Vector[234].One readonly properties.

OpenTK 0.9.9 is the first step in what will lead to our first stable release. This release is strictly for testing and feedback purposes: if you are a new user, you are strongly advised to remain with OpenTK 0.9.8-1, above.

* Support for the OpenCL flat API in OpenTK.Compute.CL.
* Extensive changes to the GameWindow. You can now control most visible aspects, including the position on the screen.
* Improved support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
* Support for multisampling on Windows systems.
* Several obsolete APIs have been removed or marked as deprecated.

Major changes are in progress, so please expect bugs and missing features. In particular, Mac OS X support may be broken and the new GameWindow and OpenTK.Input APIs are incomplete.

Posted by Stephen A 2009-06-24

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