OpenTK 0.3.13 brings Fonts and Math toolkit.

A no-nonsense release:

* OpenTK.Fonts for font rendering.
* OpenTK.Math now contains Vector, Matrix and Quaternion classes.
* OpenGL API now follows the .Net naming conventions.
* OpenGL function overloads for OpenTK.Math.
* Enhanced accuracy OpenTK.GameWindow timing.
* Vsync support.
* New examples.

The change to the naming conventions will break existing programs. Thankfully, upgrading is mostly a matter of search-and-replace operations. More specifically:
1) Add "using OpenTK.OpenGL.Enums;" to all files using OpenGL functions.
2) Perform a project-wide search-and-replace to delete all "GL.Enums." strings.
2) Replace all OpenGL enums from the ALL_CAPS convention to the PascalCase convention (e.g. DEPTH->Depth, COLOR_BUFFER_BIT->ColorBufferBit)
3) Do the same for enum categories (e.g. ARB_multitexture->ArbMultitexture).

As always, for suggestions and bug reports head to:

Posted by Stephen A 2007-11-12

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