OpenTK 0.3.11 released!

This release corrects many of the remaining bugs, and adds more complete GLU bindings.

Notable changes:
* OpenTK no longer corrupts the stack under 32-bit Windows. Fixes lockups and crashes encountered on these platforms. May also correct interminent stack imbalance MDAs.
* GLControl no longer creates an OpenGL render context in design mode. Improves Visual Studio stability, memory consumption and speed.
* GLU bindings updated. All core and extension functions are included now, although not all work correctly yet (e.g. tesselator functions).
* GL bindings updated: All overloads are correctly generated now (trailing 'v') (breaking change, i.e. GetShaderv now is GetShader). Allocated GCHandles are correctly released now.
* Updated OpenGL extension loading and added timing information. The current loading method needs ~850ms under 64-bit Windows/ATI drivers. Linux/Mesa seems faster.
* Added new examples (but the more juicy ones are disabled - they need more work).
* Improved generator speed (GLU bindings are now generated in 5 seconds, down from 360 seconds).

All in all an important update, with little in the way of new features but with much better stability.

Posted by Stephen A 2007-09-03

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