OpenTK 0.3.4 alpha released!

OpenTK 0.3.4 brings full Mono support to the table (still only under Windows). Not only that, Mono seems to be ~100 fps faster for GLSL.Lesson01!

Updates to the GLSL.Lesson01 example, the GLForm main loop and several bug fixes were made (including the crash bug under release mode that existed in previous versions, as well as the a resource leaking on program shutdown). The OpenGL binding generator was also slightly updated.

The OpenGL bindings are steadily reaching maturity under windows (with some performance adjustments and some bug-fixes slated for later releases). Linux support should also be realised soon, while the interface will be revised before the 0.4.0 beta phase begins.

Stay tuned for more!

Posted by Stephen A 2006-10-10

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