OpenTK 0.3.2 alpha released

After a lot of hard work, it is time for a new OpenTK source release. This is a Work-In-Progress, alpha release, which is suitable for testing purposes.

This release features an updated OpenGL binding generator (version 0.7.5), the source of which is now included in the Tao framework ( The bindings produced by this version can correctly compile all Tao.OpenGL examples, while their runtime behavior is still undergoing testing.

As of this release, the low-level OpenGL bindings are considered feature-complete. The focus will now shift to the high-level bindings, as well as the cross-platform window and context management. When these are completed, OpenTK will enter the 0.4.0 beta period, which will be followed by the first stable release.


The Open Toolkit is a .Net/Mono library aimed towards game developers. Its functionality roughly equivalent to Microsoft's Managed DirectX: it provides high- and low-level CLS-compliant bindings to OpenGL, OpenAL, as well as Math, Timer and Input modules, with a cross-platform and intuitive interface.

It has been in internal development for over a year, during the course of which it has undergone two complete redesigns. This is for the better, however, since the resulting product will be more mature and robust.

Posted by Stephen A 2006-09-30

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