#515 Creating Separate items of the same product in Order items

1.5 trunk
CRM/SFA (173)

CRM/SFA -> Orders -> Create Order

If two separate order line items are created but with the same Product and then saved, the system shows a single line item with the updated quantity field. This is may not be a bug but it does create a problem when for example if you create a line item with a comment/description then it gets lost. For example, say you have a service Product 'Network Install' and you created two line items with one having a description 'Installed in boardroom 20012007' and the other has 'Installed in Server Room 21012007' then these won't be shown individually but grouped together as one. Could not find a way to get around this.

This default action by the system to update like Product items on an order item does not allow for other flexible possibilities like for example grouping according to the order creator.

Thank you


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