#416 Can't Download Magento orders and some products

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Eric B.

1) I cannot download or import orders even when order is set to Processing in Magento. I've changed the config to look at Pending too but that did not work. I put the seed data in via the XML Import as stated in the instructions and those orders show under the Magento tab, but I can't import those at all. They just sit there. I copied and pasted the XML seed data from the file, or would that even matter?
2) I can download and import new products from Magento and seed data. Some products I cannot however due to a 255 character limit error. The products do not have long names. Could it be it's pulling long cache ID from the Magento Image cache? It pulls all the descriptions fine on the products it does download. I downloaded 120 products and could only import 102.
3) I can see the Magento tab under the Ofbiz control panel, but there is no image or tab in the Opentaps control panels. Did something not install right?


  • Eric B.

    Eric B. - 2010-03-11

    Magento Logs

  • Eric B.

    Eric B. - 2010-03-12
  • Eric B.

    Eric B. - 2010-03-12
  • Eric B.

    Eric B. - 2010-03-12
  • spark sun

    spark sun - 2010-04-14

    I think you can check ofbiz.log in runtime/logs, take look what problem or exception on import data. If you don't know how to solve the problem you can put them at here for us.

  • spark sun

    spark sun - 2010-04-22

    1/2. I don't know what wrong with your magento order/product by the log, would you please give us a dump file of your magento db, and the opentaps db?

    3. have you load seed file hot-deploy/magento-integration/data/MagentoSeedData.xml? I think you can see the magento-integration imgae in opentaps control panel (http://localhost:8080/opentaps)


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