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More in the morning

I have managed to get 16 hours of sleep, total, over the last three days. I just finished working 18 hours straight completing the last little bit of a contract project that takes time away from OpenTag. I am going to sleep now. A few hours after I wake up there will be some new OpenTag Alpha submissions.

Posted by JP Norair 2011-01-14

Alpha testing phase underway

See the nightly builds from the Git repository, and also the code snapshots in the file manager

Posted by JP Norair 2011-01-12


I am wrapping up simulation and testing of a new component called "Veelite." It means: Virtual EEPROM Lite, and it is a library integrated into OpenTag that now performs file management for UDB, RDB, and other Mode 2 data elements. It is designed to run well on NAND Flash (with wear leveling), but it is stratified in order to easily migrate to future non-volatile memory systems such as FRAM. ... read more

Posted by JP Norair 2010-07-16

Please join mailing list

Newcomers: I am working hard to get the new Mode 2 - based OpenTag out as soon as possible. The wait will be worth it, since Mode 2 is a huge improvement over Mode 1. Please join the opentag-updates mailing list if you want to stay informed. I will begin posting weekly updates today.

Posted by JP Norair 2010-07-14

OpenTag News!

Now that I have actually figured out how to use Git reliably, the repository is synced and all things are good. There are MAJOR changes from the last update. I am also going to start the habit of posting weekly builds for CC430, for the next couple of weeks.

Posted by JP Norair 2010-04-29

OpenTag Status

I just uploaded a much needed Reference Manual and Design Guide. I am an expert desktop publisher, so the Design Guide is slick. The Reference Manual is generated by Doxygen, which I'm still learning. Nonetheless it is extremely valuable to anyone mucking about with OT.

Expect a new version of the Beta in days. This will include the standard bug fixes, mostly to the UHF module. It will also include revised IAR workspaces.... read more

Posted by JP Norair 2009-09-11

Looking for OpenTag Developers

The OpenTag project is new and the source changes from day to day, thus we do not have a downloadable distribution. To gain access to the source (available via sourceforge subversion), please create an account and join the project!

Posted by JP Norair 2009-04-22