Now that the OpenTag public beta is firmly underway, I will try to post weekly updates -- maybe more often than weekly if things are going well.

JP Norair

What's on the Git now?
A public beta with some functionality for CC430 ... not everything is working, but it will compile and run in CCS (Code Composer Studio) which is a bundled-up version of msp-gcc.  I am keeping the testbeds all under 16KB, so you can use the free version if you want.  The full system testbed that I am running currently (contains everything except Serial API and Transport Protocol) compiles into about 13KB without optimizations and configured for debug.  Usually, with my code, size optimizations in the compiler are good for maybe 5-10% compression.

What is confirmed working in the public beta so far?
- Filesystem (Veelite)
- Radio Driver
- Pretty much everything else in OTlib except the System Module

What is being debugged actively?
- System Module

What are pressing items written on my whiteboard?
1. "Make sure event timer reports ETA's correctly.  This appears not to work too well, strangely, due to zeroing of the nextevent at ill-opportune times."
- Looks like this is mostly under control now.  Running through tests to try to find more cases where it flops.  The problems occur when

2. "Make sure devices in the endpoint state properly align their alternate scan cycles when shifting from Idle-Sleep to Idle-Hold."

What is to develop next?
- M2QP, the transport layer (largely completed, needs cleanup)
- Serial API
- C API (largely completed, needs cleanup)

FAQ (ever evolving)

Q: How do I download the latest code?
A: Please use the Git repository for the latest code.  For information how to access it, look here (  The easiest way to use Git is by the terminal and occasional calls to git gui, but you need some understanding of a unix shell.  If you do not have any understanding of a unix shell, then you are probably not an open source developer :) so you might want to wait for stable build downloads.  That said, there are also some Git client apps out there if you are actually an open source developer without knowledge of a shell, but you will have to find them yourself because I don't keep track.  I think the best one I've seen is called SmartGit, but I'm sure there are more now.

Q: Is there some documentation?
A: There is a wiki in development.