433MHz SamrtRF studio setting

  • hyosung Hwang

    hyosung Hwang - 2012-09-26

    Hi, JP!

    I have been studying the opmode_std code in Opentag 0.3.7b.
    I have set up the environment as follows:

    1. I've downloaded the opmode_std code on two boards.
    2. One of the board periodically transmits a beacon
    3. Another board responds to that beacon by transmitting a unicast response.

    If I planned, The board that sends a beacon should receive a single response per a beacon.
    But, The board that sends a beacon receives a single response per two beacons.

    So, I try to look at the communication process by use SmartRF studio 7.
    I looked at RF register setting parts in code and I've set up registers of SmartRF studio 7.
    But I couldn't catch the packet of opentag.

    Register settings are as follows:

    Could you take a look at my register settings are correct?

    Thank you for your help.

  • md7

    md7 - 2012-10-01

    Hi, in the past I tryied to parse settings for SmartRF studio, but I failed becauese I lost in code .. i.e. FREQ1 was like (x || y) >> (z - 1) :-) SmartRF cant capture OT packet… It has own structure of packet (can manage settings as preamble, sync word) when you check Advanced.


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