• Tom31

    Tom31 - 2006-06-07

    i search for a way to generate a obstacle-steerHint relativ to a target Position. Is there a way to modify the code (findIntersectionWithBoidPath) in such a way, that i will get  a steering-vector avoiding an obstacle towards a target-position?

    Thank You!

    • Craig Reynolds

      Craig Reynolds - 2006-06-07

      (Let be repeat my periodic apology for ignoring OpenSteer for so long.  Higher priority tasks have been using up all of my time for quite a while.  I still hope to return to working on OpenSteer, but can't say when that will happen.)

      Tom31: yes, the original idea of steerHint is to implement a behavior like "steer to avoid an obstacle while heading as near as possible toward a goal point".  But the details of exactly how to accomplish that are fuzzy to me because it has been so long since I thought about this code.  Worse, because you mention findIntersectionWithBoidPath instead of findIntersectionWithVehiclePath, I think you are looking at an older version of the code than I am.  That is, I think the same function had its name changed, replacing ...Boid... with ...Vehicle...  Perhaps you have the (now ancient) "latest release": OpenSteer 0.8.2 from October 2004?  There is somewhat more recent code in the CVS repository.  (Aside: someday we should switch to SVN instead of CVS?)

      My first thought would be to try defining your own class of Obstacle and customize its findIntersectionWithVehiclePath method to specify the steerHint appropriate for your goal.  But that is just off the top of my head based on flaky memory.


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