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The new Standalone agent is now in stores!

Dear friends,
the new old standalone agent for client certificate authentication in the MantisBT bugtracking system is available for you to use and enjoy!

it is enhanced and rebranded for the new plugin system in MantisBT

so, please, use and feedback!

Posted by Svetlin Stefanov 2010-08-17

Upcoming release announcement

Happy to announce we are still alive and kicking!
In the past several years we saw different approaches for global Single Sign-On solutions. Our ideas morphed and we could not find the right direction to focus our efforts.
Now, when OpenID is wildly used it makes sense to integrate our solution through its interfaces, despite writing our own application agents. So we will do right that - OpenID integration with x509 certificates in transparent and usable way.
Meanwhile, we will release updated version for Mantis bugtracker standalone agent, compatible with its 1.2 branch in form of plugin.

Posted by Alex Stanev 2010-03-31

Bugfix release of Mantis standalone agent

This fixes some very rare conditions in automatic user registration through agent.
Also, we are finishing the design phase of our mainstream product, the Identity module.

Posted by Alex Stanev 2006-09-12

Mantis Bugtracker standalone agent released

Today we released the updated version of our standalone agent for automatic certificate logging into Mantis bugtracker. This is separate fork of OpenSSO and have some unique features like automatic user registration.
We consider MantisOpenSSO as stable for production use.

Posted by Alex Stanev 2006-07-18

OpenSSO web site alive & kicking

Today we uploaded the web site of the project. It is still in Planning phase, but stay tunned for more!

Posted by Alex Stanev 2006-07-11

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