#2 Install failure


sbkdjgiprd# oslevel -r

sbkdjgiprd# rpm -qa | grep openssl

sbkdjgiprd# ls openssl*

(These are the only ones available at

sbkdjgiprd# lppchk -v openssh.base.server
lppchk: The following filesets need to be installed or
corrected to bring
the system to a consistent state:

openssh.base.server (usr:
COMMITTED, root: not installed)

Here's the error when I attempted the installation :

. . . . . << End of copyright notice for openssh.base
>>. . . .

RSA key generation

instal: Failed while executing
the ./openssh.base.server.post_i

0503-464 installp: The installation has FAILED for
the "root" part
of the following

installp: Cleaning up software


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Seems that under some conditions, AIX will
    create /dev/random and /dev/urandom with the wrong major

    Check what it *should* be with
    odmget CuDvDr | grep -p random

    "value2" is the major number. Check the devices:
    ls -l /dev/*random

    If the major numbers do not match what's in CuDvDr,
    delete /dev/random and /dev/urandom, reboot, then re-try the
    OpenSSH install (remove the failed attempt first).

  • ssh

    ssh - 2005-04-22

    Logged In: YES

    Remove /dev/random and /dev/urandom files and reboot the

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    I too am getting an install failure with a 5.2 machine. I
    have installed openssl, and then when I try to install the
    openssh 5.2.tar.Z file, all of the filesets are installed
    EXCEPT the openssh.base.server which fails and gets cleaned.
    At this point, I can do a 'which ssh' command and it retuns
    /usr/bin/ssh. When I execute 'ssh -l root someMachine' I
    get an error that says "PRNG not seeded". If I try to ssh
    to this machine, I get a "Connection refused" error.

    My /dev/*random files have the correct permissions and major
    numbers. I've tried removing them, rebooting, and then
    uninstalling the ssh filesets that were successful and
    reinstalling it again, but that still gives me the same
    error! The base.server fileset still fails. I have
    verified twice that I am on a 5.2 system and am using the
    5.2 .tar.Z file. I noticed I was at ML0 so I updated to
    ML4 and it still fails. Any ideas?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This has to do with the random devices in /dev major #'s
    mismatch with what the ODM believes them to be.

    To check the ODM :
    cd /etc/objrepos
    odmget CuDvDr|grep -p random # the "value2" field holds
    the random # ODM thinks it should be

    To check the random devices :
    ls -alt /dev/*random

    If the major #'s in the ODM mismatch the devices do :

    /usr/sbin/randomctl -u # this stops the random generator)
    rm -rf /dev/*random
    /usr/sbin/randomctl -l # this rebuilds the devices

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Well I have now had this same problem on several 5.2
    systems. Everytime it happens, I run the odmget command,
    and check the output of "ls -alt /dev/*random" and it ALWAYS
    looks fine. If I go ahead and run the randomctl -u, rm the
    /dev/*random, and then randomctl -l and then
    reboot...everything magically works once the system finally
    comes back up. It doesn't work however if I just execute
    those 3 commands WITHOUT a reboot. Something quirky is
    going on. Everything looks normal, but I always have to run
    those 3 commands and reboot for it to work, even though
    after the reboot, the output of the odmget and ls -alt
    commands are identical to what they were before the reboot.
    It seems like something's getting out of sync.


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