CERT advisory TA04-078A for OpenSSL

In order to protect against the scenario described in CERT advisory TA04-078A, we recommend you install OpenSSL version 0.9.6m or later on your systems. For more information on this advisory, go to: <br>http://www.us-cert.gov/cas/techalerts/TA04-078A.html <br> You can get the newest OpenSSL images at <br> https://www6.software.ibm.com/dl/aixtbx/aixtbx-i?S_PKG=dlaixww&S_TACT=&S_CMP= <br>Note: The rpm images for OpenSSL on AIX 4.3.3 are no longer maintained. To use the most recent version of OpenSSL, be sure to download the OpenSSL rpm images for AIX 5.1. The AIX 5.1 rpm image will work on all levels of AIX that are 5.1 and higher.

Posted by Denise Genty 2004-03-24