sshd with PAM

  • Doug Eckert

    Doug Eckert - 2006-05-15

    Greetings.  I'm trying to get the SecurID agent running on my AIX 5.3ML3 box.  I've got the below entries in /etc/pam.conf, but no every time it says it can't find a means of authentication.  When does SSHD consult pam.conf, and what key value is it looking for?

    login   auth    required        /usr/lib/security/
    ssh     auth    required        /usr/lib/security/
    openssh auth    required        /usr/lib/security/
    sshd    auth    required        /usr/lib/security/ debug

    • Doug Eckert

      Doug Eckert - 2006-05-15

      I think I found out what's up.  The version available for download wasn't built with 'configure --with-pam', was it?  Whe I set "UsePAM yes" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config I get the following in /var/adm/messages:

      May 15 11:14:52 sbktesaix02 auth|security:info sshd[278658]: rexec line 81: Unsupported option UsePAM

      Would it be possible to have a fileset with PAM enabled?


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