Chroot sftp

  • Doug Probst

    Doug Probst - 2005-03-31

    I found an old mail thread in a goggle that said SF had a patch for openssh to provide chroot env for sftp, is that included in the current ssh release? 

    • ruphskunk

      ruphskunk - 2005-05-18

      I'm looking for this too. The HPUX version of OpenSSH by HP has chroot right out of the package. We are migrating some systems from HP to IBM and we need that functionality in sftp.


    • jgann

      jgann - 2005-09-02

      There's a 3rd party open source software named "rssh" which can be used to run, among others, sftp-server in a chroot environment. Put simply, it works by changing the login shell of the respective user. Works fine for us with AIX5.


    • Asier

      Asier - 2008-12-19

      Hi, I succesfully bypassed this issue just changing in openssh 5.1p1 source after configure script and before make:
      # On config.h undefine HAVE_SETPCRED not to user setpcred()
      # function, otherwise sshd will drop down privilegies too early
      # and can't do CHROOT with ChrootDirectory directive on sshd_config
      perl -p -e 's/^#define HAVE_SETPCRED 1/#undef HAVE_SETPCRED/' -i config.h


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