Solution to "Unrecognized peer" errors

Jason Slaughter at Tucows discovered a small bug with the client today. If you are continually getting "Unrecognized Peer" error messages, this may be the cause of it:

The code relies on the PHP setting for magic_quotes_runtime being turned off. If it's on, then the XML data read from OpenSRS is slash-escaped, which causes the XML parser to barf.

So, if you are experiencing this error, one solution would be to turn magic_quotes_runtime off in your php.ini file, your Apache configuration file, in .htaccess, or by adding:


to your scripts. Note, however, that this *may* break your scripts, if you are relying on magic_quotes_runtime being enabled.

We're working on putting out a patch release to address this bug, but until then ... see if that solves your problems.

- Colin

Posted by Colin Viebrock 2004-06-03

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