#44 Partial payment option to OSPOS


Hello developers out there. Kindly come up with an option of accepting part payment and follow up of customers in OSPOS. Eg. If the total bill is $300 and customer deposits $120, i should be able to capture such a transaction and the agree on terms of following up the balance. This if possible should be done together with the billing option. The amount paid is deducted from the customer's invoice or remaining balance.
Thanks a bunch.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-05-13

    Hi developers,

    Would you mind to give me the updates regarding on this ticket, because I need this feature also.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-10-28

    I really feel this is the one thing holding OSPOS back. I do think that it should be something that could be disabled, right now there is NO mechanism for "store credit" of any kind, and frankly it's why I've been looking for a new POS. Without that I'm losing sales and trying to track everything on paper defeats the purpose of a POS.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-11-03

    For those that have a solution to this! Do let us know!

  • jekkos

    jekkos - 2014-11-04

    You could use suspended sales for this.. and add a partial payments up to the point the whole sale has been paid (and completed). Think this is the only correct way to manage this situation as a completed sale should not be edited anymore.

  • louiza

    louiza - 2014-11-10

    an open source point of sale will help at www.wandaapos.com intergrated with idempiere ERP