Converting Indonesian Bible to OpenSong

Fina Lin
  • Fina Lin

    Fina Lin - 2008-11-10

    Hi, I wonder if there is anybody that can help converting the Indonesian Bible to OpenSong format? I found EasySong and OpenLP have this version but not OpenSong.
    Thank y ou.

    • Anonymous - 2009-09-04

      I have done it few years back. Just go to
      Under download you will find the Indonesian Bible. I tried to contact to include it on their website, but no reply.



    • Vwout

      Vwout - 2009-09-04

      The OpenSong website is a wiki. You can create an account and add a link to your converted bible with the other downloadable bibles.

      • Anonymous - 2009-09-04

        Oh I did not know that....thanks.
        BTW I have created the section for Indonesian Bible.


  • Joseph Teo

    Joseph Teo - 2010-06-02

    Sylm, I think the Kitab Yakobus need editing. 1 chapter missing. T.q.


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