#405 Image linking


With the change to the new Image Processing Defaults, the option "Do not embed images ..." appears to have two meanings:

  1. Do not embed images from Backgrounds
  2. As a default to the Option "Do not store image in (Set|Song), use a link

An option to use a link for any image is missing for Style Change slides


  • Vwout

    Vwout - 2013-06-26

    Actually it has both meanings.
    Images that have the option to not embed images enabled will be stored as link, but only if the images resides in the Backgrounds folder.

    The note about this linking behaviour in a style is a good one; that makes the whole image handling stuff structurally the same.

    • SvA

      SvA - 2013-06-26

      Actually it has both meanings.

      That's not good, imho. These are two different things that should be kept appart.

      Here's the scenario:

      I have two computers. Songs and background images are shared (or synced) between the two. So, there's usually no need to embed those backrgoud images.
      If my set is intended to be used only on the computer it is created, there is no need to embed other images from outside Backgrounds.
      If the set is intended to be used on the other one (or on both), external images should be embeded, because they might not be present on the other machine.

      If the Set is intended for an unrelated machine, images from any source needed to be embeded. I thought there were options to achieve this, but I could not find them (anymore?).

      • Vwout

        Vwout - 2013-06-26

        The linking only for background images is exactly because of the fact that you can transfer sets or songs between computer, which in fact is what most users do.
        So unless an image is in the OpenSong environment (inside the backgrounds folder) is should be considered 'unsafe' and never be linked.

        As OpenSong can't know whether it will be used on only one or multiple computers and whether the Backgrounds are synced as well, it is optional and to be determined by the user.

        The option for a 'pack-and-go' scenario was mentioned, but I don't recall that the feature has ever been present. But such a feature would bridge the gap between linking-by-default and embedding in case required.

  • Vwout

    Vwout - 2013-06-26
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