S/MIME support

  • Tomasz Kaszuba

    Tomasz Kaszuba - 2004-03-30

    In your blog you mentioned something about S/MIME support. Has this been started?

    Since MSDN shows how to sign and email using CDO maybe the same could be done with OpenSmtp. Has anyone tried?


    • Ian Stallings

      Ian Stallings - 2004-03-30

      It can be done but would require changes to the opensmtp.net code. I've looked into it in my spare time but just haven't had the times to implement any changes. There are a few parts to it(signing vs encrypting, etc) but it could be done with the existing .net framework security classes I think.

    • Wilson Chan

      Wilson Chan - 2004-04-02

      talking about signing/encrypting, please visit:http://www.mentalis.org/soft/projects/seclib/


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