#22 About Language


The Language folder should arrange like that:
The Folder for language (ex: English, French, Vietnamese..)
In each folder, each module is a php file (ex: student.php, user.php, attendence.php, grades.php...)
We should devide into to many sub folder, it is not easy for Developers to change the language.
Each php file is written base on the version. When we have some new words (new version) we add them in the end of language php file. It will be easier for Developers when new version release.


  • gioxoaychieu

    gioxoaychieu - 2009-08-07

    I am sorry.
    The sentence "We should devide into to many sub folder," should be "We should not devide into too many sub folder,"

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    What I have seen several other projects do is create a php file for each language locales (en_GB, de_DE.php, es_ES.php, es_AR.php). Some do one big file and some did small files for each category. Then they store them in a single directory or multiple directories. Then a list of words is created with some type of identifier (usually an associate array) that allows the developer to easily reference the string, no matter what language is being used.


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