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I had a difficult time trying to install opensis onto my website in order to have an online platform instead of one that is MacOS or Windows dependent. Here is the following stats on my hosting server with ICDSoft (which is great btw) for they tried to install it without success.

Operating software: Linux OS
Database: MySQL 5.0.6
Webserver: Apache

Using the install wizard that the program has, I followed these steps.

Step 1 of 5: I entered the following:
Server: localhost
Port: /tmp/mysql5.sock
Admin: bhfarm
Password: (entered my MySQL password - which I know 100% is correct)

The install accepted these inputs and sent me to Step 2 of 5.

Since my hosting company only allows to create databases via control panel, I did so and entered the name on Step 2. I received an error stating that a database by that name already exist. I thus, tried to use a different name at that step and received the following error probably do to the fact that my hosting company does not allow programs to create databases for security purposes:

Access denied for user 'bhfarm'@'%' to database 'bhfarm_sis'

Therefore, I then tired to install opensis manually via the instructions of INSTALL.txt. I followed instruction carefully and then upon trying to go "/install/reset_autp_increment.php" of my website, I got the following error:

Access denied for user 'bhfarm'@'%' to database 'opensis'

Thus I never got to Step 3 of 5 and etc. I even tried to do the upgrade installer but when I get to Step 2 of 3, no databases are listed even though they do.

Also, while trying to install the .sql file into my database manually the file "opensis-4.5-procs-mysql.sql" installed successfully, however, the .sql file "opensis-4.5-schema-mysql.sql", did not and I received the following error:


SQL query: Documentation

CREATE VIEW TRANSCRIPT_GRADES AS SELECT s.id AS school_id, mp.mp_source, mp.marking_period_id AS mp_id, mp.title AS mp_name, mp.syear, mp.end_date AS posted, rcg.student_id, sms.grade_level_short AS gradelevel, rcg.grade_letter, rcg.weighted_gp AS gp_value, rcg.unweighted_gp AS weighting, rcg.gp_scale, rcg.credit_attempted, rcg.credit_earned, rcg.credit_category, rcg.course_title AS course_name, sms.cum_weighted_factor AS cum_gp_factor, (
sms.cum_weighted_factor * s.reporting_gp_scale
) AS cum_gpa, (
sms.sum_weighted_factors / sms.count_weighted_factors
) * s.reporting_gp_scale
) AS gpa, sms.cum_rank
INNER JOIN MARKING_PERIODS mp ON mp.marking_period_id = rcg.marking_period_id
AND mp.mp_type = 'semester'
INNER JOIN STUDENT_MP_STATS sms ON sms.student_id = rcg.student_id
AND sms.marking_period_id = rcg.marking_period_id
INNER JOIN SCHOOLS s ON s.id = mp.school_id;

MySQL said: Documentation

1356 - View 'bhfarm_opensis.MARKING_PERIODS' references invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be wonderful.
Thank you for your time.


  • Raymond Val

    Raymond Val - 2009-07-31

    I have also run into the same problem with using a hosting provider that does not allow programs or users to create the database. We have to use phpmyadmin or CPANEL to create databases. I was able to get it working by commenting out the lines that check for duplicate databases. It is not the best solution but it works:

    modify the ins2.php file located in the install/ directory
    comment out the following lines (they started at line 42 for me):



    //header('Location: step2.php?err=Database Exists. Enter a different name');





    // $sql="CREATE DATABASE ".$_SESSION['db'].";";

    // $result = mysql_query($sql);

    // if(!$result)

    // {

    // echo "

    " . mysql_error() . "


    // exit;

    // }


    header('Location: step3.php');
        --- don't comment this one out, just the bracket below it.


    Again, it is not the best solution but it will get you past creating the database.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    rgval...Is it possible to post a copy of ths ins2.php file after you edited it. I tried your suggestion and the installation keeps breaking. Like you said its not the best solution but we can do with what we have while the developers try and work on permanent solution

  • Raymond Val

    Raymond Val - 2009-08-04

    Please download and try version 4.5. A new version was released today that includes the changes for installing openSIS in a hosted environment along with several other changes. Let me know if you are still having problems getting this installed in a hosted environment after trying v4.5

  • os4ed developers

    Thank you for participating in the debugging of openSIS v4.5 we hope that with you help we can build the best SIS ever.

  • os4ed developers

    We have update several key steps in the installation process. hopefully this will resolve the issues.

  • Stephen

    Stephen - 2013-09-09

    I'm having the same problem and it's September 2013, not 2009. Has this issue been fixed, and is there any way to installation to connect to the database one has already created?

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to becoming a paying OpenSis customer and hope I get this figured out asap.

  • Stephen

    Stephen - 2013-09-09

    BTW, Raymond's solution above did not work for me.

    I hope the plan is not to get us to give up on installing to our own server... :(

  • Top Leo

    Top Leo - 2015-04-11

    The problem still persists in version 5.3

    Here is how I got it working:
    1) Create a database for OpenSis
    2) Edit these lines in install/ins2.php and add line 41 to make it think that the database doesn't exist.

    38 //while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($res)) {
    39 //$exists = $row[0];
    40 //}
    41 $exists = 0;

    3) Edit line 106 and add line 107 so it won't try to create a database.
    Note that you don't need to comment line 105.

    105 $sql="CREATE DATABASE ".$_SESSION['db']." CHARACTER SET=utf8;";
    106 //$result = mysql_query($sql);
    107 $result = 1;

  • Paulo Silva

    Paulo Silva - 2016-08-09

    The installer , after the editions , is in a loop after step 2 .
    when I use the same database name that already exists , he says, " the database already exists , enter another name ," and I even changing the name , he repeats the same message. When I mark the box that says "remove data from existing database ," he returns access denied again.
    Note, usually worked in wamp .

    Last edit: Paulo Silva 2016-08-09

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