OpenSIPS 1.8.1 minor release

Hi all,

*OpenSIPS 1.8.1* - a minor release on the 1.8 main branch - was just
released today.

This release contains only bug fixing - crashes, malfunctions and compliance
issues - but no functionality, scripting or interfacing were changed.

*OpenSIPS 1.8.1* contains important fixes in critical modules (like
dialog, acc, drouting) and in core part ( tcp, dns ) - it is highly
recommended to upgrade - **OpenSIPS* 1.8.1* is now available for
download on project web site and SF download system.

The full Changelog is available

To get the *OpenSIPS 1.8.1* version, see the download page -

Many thanks to all people who contributed with bug reports,
troubleshooting and debugging, fixings and packaging.

Packages (debian and ubuntu) will be soon available via the new
repository of OpenSIPS project.

Once again, many thanks to all people who made this new release possible.

Note: We have in our attention a series of known bugs that didn't get fixed
in OpenSIPS 1.8.1 ( like TLS, Dialog, menuconfig related and other ), mostly
because of the fact that they were reported too close to the announced release
date, or because replicating& testing the fixes could not be done in the
given time. We will get these fixed as soon as possible in the 1.8 SVN branch.

Posted by Vladut-Stefan Paiu 2012-08-15