OpenSIPS Alerts/Notifications Service

We just started a new service addressing the users / operators using the OpenSIP project - the '''OpenSIPS Alerts Service"

The OpenSIPS Alerts Service is a way to help you keep your OpenSIPS installation updated, safer and secure. Via this service you will receive realtime email alerts/notifications with a full and detailed description of issues and bugs that were found and fixed in OpenSIPS code.

When a bug fix is made, the service will generate an alert that will contain a complete description as: severity of the bug, affected OpenSIPS version, affected scenarios, how to apply a fix. Shortly will provide answers to questions like : Should I care about this new fix ? Does it affects me ? How to update my installation.

For more details on the benefits, on how it works, and other, visit the official page

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2012-06-08