OpenSIPS 1.8.0 - major release

One more half an year, one more major release - OpenSIPS 1.8.0 beta release is out

OpenSIPS 1.8.0 comes with several major improvements (dialog support, TCP, security and validation), but also with new functionalities (like CacheDB Interface - REDIS/CASSANDRA, DNS caching, SIPcapturing, RabbitMQ support, LUA support, etc).
Something that needs to be also mentioned is the new graphical configuration tool (make menuconfig or osipsconfig) that allow you to configure, compile, install and generate config files for OpenSIPS - all in a nice graphical interface.

A complete compilation with all the additions and improvements for OpenSIPS 1.8.0 release is available under:

A comprehensive migration document is available also:

Many thanks to all the people who got involved in this release (and in the overall OpenSIPS project) and contributed with code, with testing and debugging, with patches or reports, with support on the lists, help with packaging and documentation.
I will avoid listing names, not because they do not deserve it, but simply because it will impossible to list list everybody here and I do not what to be unfair with some of them (because I simply forgot a name or because of the limited space).

But nevertheless, I want to thanks you all for out great job and not in my behalf, but in the behalf of people who will find this piece of software a useful tool.

The full Changelog is available here:

To get the OpenSIPS 1.8.0 version, see :

* website page:

* SF project:

Enjoy it !

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2012-03-23