#18 GROUP:is_user_in: Accept avp in group parameter

modules (91)

Allow set an avp in group parameter on function is_user_in, module GROUP

is_user_in($ru, $avp(s:group))

This will do user's permissions more flexible and dynamic


loadmodule "group.so"
loadmodule "dialplan"
modparam("dialplan", "attrs_pvar", "$avp(s:dest)")

# Normalize and classify call
dp_translate("1", "$rU/$avp(s:dest)");

# Check User permissions
if !(is_user_in("Request-URI", "$avp(s:dest)")) {
sl_send_reply("403", "No permission for $avp(s:dest) calls");


  • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

    • assigned_to: nobody --> saguti
  • Sergio Gutierrez

    I have attached patches to implement this feature; I still have duplicated the definition of function get_hf in both files.

    Thanks in advance for feedback.

  • Gustavo Mistrinelli

    Hi Sergio, I have tested after patching with your files and is working fine using avps, I used avp like summary example and a fixed string to compare with the second paramer.

    If you need additional checks please tell me.

    Thank you

  • Sergio Gutierrez


    Thanks for testing and good to know it worked fine, and it was useful. Patch is awaiting for approval, and after that, it will be uploaded on trunk.

    Thanks again and regards.

  • Sergio Gutierrez

    • status: open --> closed
  • Sergio Gutierrez

    This feature has been implemented in revision 5100. Thanks to Gustavo by suggesting and testing.


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