beci - 2010-12-09

Dear OpenSIPS team,
i'm using the Opensips as proxy in multihomed mode (one public IPaddr and one internal), with relaying RTP traffic through RTP proxy in bridged mode:

UA -->OpenSipsIP1-OpenSipsIP2 --->UA (signalling)
UA--->RTPproxyIP1-RTPproxyIP2----->UA (RTP), RTP proxy in bridged mode.

Everything works OK, SDP information is modified correctly in subsequent INVITE messages (using the force_rtp_proxy("ei")):

UA (SIP INVITE, SDP Connection information IPofUA) --> Opensips (SIP INVITE, SDP Connection information IP2)---> UA

However, i have problem if i would like to extend the configuration with topology hiding functionality - by using the B2B modules. By calling the scenario with b2b_init_request("top hiding"), Opensips fires out the INVITE with wrong SDP Connection information (IP of calling UA). I was not able to set the SDP in correct way… I've tried tricks from textops module, not successful. 
Is there anybody who could advice how to fix it, or is this configuration possible?
Thanks and regards,

Bela Nagy