Hari Kumar - 2009-06-03

H All,

Please suggest me the syntax to redirect the request from opensips to WeSIP.
I perform two leg call using WeSIP, call is established and voice is transferring but when "BYE" request from one user is not send to another user.
Opensps displaying "code:404; reason: Not here " and in WeSIP end BYE request is not reached.

In the server, opensips is running in 5080 and WeSIP communicating with opensips in 5090.

I tried with following option
1. rewriteport("5090")
2. rewritehostport("")
3. send("")
4. forward("")

For all the above option, it throws below error


ERROR:seas:read_name: name too long to fit in dst (66 > 15)
ERROR:seas:handle_unc_as_data: Bad name passed from fd
INFO:seas:dispatcher_main_loop: polling [2 ServSock] [1 pipe] [1 App Servers] [0 Uncomplete AS]
ACC: transaction answered: timestamp=1243939905;method=BYE;from_tag=02065009103928252512816481;to_tag=B414824503E3CC69C972EAB825304466;call_id=1B7852BED431AE145420494B471F7C84@localhost;code=404;reason=Not here

Suggest me to solve this issue.