Presence Server

  • timezone

    timezone - 2009-03-13

    Is the OpenSIPS Presence Server (Present Agent) compatible with IMS? The SIMPLE requires a (network) client to use SIP PUBLISH to update the presence information. Does anyone know if this can be done by sending an unsolicited SIP NOTIFY? Please assume the client and the PS are both within the same controlled environment.

    • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

      Notify is sent by the Presence Server to update a client about the status of other client.
      Publish is used by a client to updates the Presence Server about its own status.

      So, what you mean by "sending an unsolicited SIP NOTIFY" ? by who to who ?


    • timezone

      timezone - 2009-03-19

      For example, Application Server 1 (AS 1) sends a NOTIFY to the Presence Server. The NOTIFY includes the presence information. In other words, the presence information is sent to the Presence Server using a NOTIFY rather than a PUBLISH. Can OpenSIPS support it?