Polycom registrar is ok

  • Mathieu SEHEDIC

    Mathieu SEHEDIC - 2009-06-09

    Hello anybodies !

    I am French student in  Voip. Actually, I make a training session in a video-conference enterprise. In my project I use OpenSIPs with more hardphone, softphone and other VoIP devices. In my tests, I saw one trouble with some polycom product (polycom softphone PVX 8,Polycom RMX, Polycom MGC ). This trouble is the URI in the "To" field is poorly formed. It's likely <sip:username> but this URI type wasn't parsed.
    For troubleshoot this, i added this follow line in parse/parse_uri.c file at the line 396 :

    default :
        /* if the user part isn't defined and if the "for loop" will is complete */
        if ( (*(p+1) == '>' ) && (uri->host.len == 0) ) {
    }  //End of  "case URI_USER"

    To check whether your SIP client is bugging, you can add  the follow line in opensips.cfg file :
         if (is_method("REGISTER"))
               sl_send_reply("111","You are $tU");

    • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

      Hi Mathieu,

      Such a TO URI is not valid at all - see RFC3261 - A valid SIP URI must have a domain name. So, your change breaks the SIP interoperability.


    • Mathieu SEHEDIC

      Mathieu SEHEDIC - 2009-06-23

      Hello Bogdan,

      I'm agree with you, but i must to use the Polycom video station in my project. This registration trouble exist in many polycom product. "a TO URI is not valid at all" it's true, but i can't edit the polycom firmware then I edit the openSIPs code.

      I posted this message to help the technician will have this problème.



      • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

        But a better approach will be to report the bug to Policom so that they should align to the SIP standard.


  • Mészáros Mihály

    Hi in polycom equipment you can add the full uri in username!
    This is a workaround, but i tested it and it works….