Eating package memory

  • Kevin L. Pauba

    Kevin L. Pauba - 2012-09-24

    I'm running OpenSIPS V1.6.4 and we seem to consume package memory.  What's odd is this:

    shmem:free_size = 2145826368
    pkmem:0-free_size = 954848
    pkmem:1-free_size = 930116
    pkmem:2-free_size = 83964
    pkmem:3-free_size = 0
    pkmem:4-free_size = 0
    pkmem:5-free_size = 4294921628
    pkmem:6-free_size = 64112
    pkmem:7-free_size = 129676
    pkmem:8-free_size = 0
    pkmem:9-free_size = 0
    pkmem:10-free_size = 954848
    pkmem:11-free_size = 946608

    You'll notice that theres one child process that shows lots of memory - more that originally allocated!  Even though OpenSIPS doesn't report a memory problem, it appears that the above is a sign that it'll soon be having them.

    The configuration logic is pretty simple - I can share if necessary.

    Is this a known problem that has been fixed in a later release?   I'm reluctant to switch from this version as we've passed through QA but will if it is known to have been fixed.


  • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

    I looks like it is a problem with the pkg stat reporting - I guess "4294921628" value as free is much over the total value, right ?

    If I send you a debugging patch, could you run it ?


  • Kevin L. Pauba

    Kevin L. Pauba - 2012-09-27

    Sure, Bogdan.  I can test out a patch - it does take a number of days to manifest itself so I can report on success after that.

    What else do you need from me (I assume my email address is available to you)?