Hello OPENSIPS Team,

We have made OPENSIPS listen on two ports via adding this command (listen=eth0:5060 eth0:5062) in *.cfg file. Now we are able to get the server listening on two ports as 5060 & 5062 and it is sending 200 OK for the user agents which try to communicate on both the ports. OPENSIPS is able to register two user agents, one on 5060 and one on 5062. But when we are trying to make a communication between the two registered user agents (i.e. one on 5060 and other on 5062) then no communication is possible (i.e. we cannot make calls and chats). Though when the two user agents are registered on same port (i.e. both UAs on 5060 or both UAs on 5062) then communication is possible between the two clients (i.e. we can make calls and chats).
Can you people please guide me through that how can I make the 2 UAs registered to OPENSIPS on different ports (i.e. one on 5060 and other on 5062) communicate with each other (i.e. they can make calls and chats).

Thanks and Best Regards
Saurabh Srivastava