$500 bounty to cure Perl memory leaks

  • Alistair Cunningham

    I'm offering a USD 500 bounty for a full cure for memory leaks when using the OpenSIPS Perl module. Criteria for success are:

    1. Either cure the source of the memory leaks, or implement a workaround that will work in the long term without needing to restart OpenSIPS. An example of a workaround that might work would be to restart the worker processes after a certain number of requests.

    2. It must run for at least a month on a busy system running 1.4.3 without leaking any memory. Memory usage must be stable after the first day or two.

    3. It must be included in the official releases of future 1.4.x, 1.5.x, and branches beyond 1.5.

    4 (optional but desirable). A patch for 1.4.3 should also be provided. This is not a hard requirement, but please do.

    I'll pay USD 500 to the first person to complete the above criteria. Payment will be via your choice of bank/wire transfer or PayPal. If you intend to work on this, please post a message here.

    • Alistair Cunningham

      Any takers?


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