Config.h Parameters are not working.

Himal Rana
  • Himal Rana

    Himal Rana - 2009-11-14

    I tried to set  the config.h  parameters  to increase the shm_mem.
    But it didn't reflected in the Compiled and installed binary.

    Tested on OS  : centos 5.4  RHEL 5.4  Fedora 11
    Opensips version checked : 1.5.X 1.6.0


  • Scott Mullen

    Scott Mullen - 2010-01-26

    You don't need to recompile to configure shared memory.  Use the -m command line arguement…

    Usage: opensips -l address 
        -f file      Configuration file (default /usr/local/etc/opensips/opensips.cfg)
        -c           Check configuration file for errors
        -C           Similar to '-c' but in addition checks the flags of exported
                      functions from included route blocks
        -l address   Listen on the specified address/interface (multiple -l
                      mean listening on more addresses).  The address format is
                      addr, where proto=udp|tcp and
                      addr= host|ip_address|interface_name. E.g: -l locahost,
                      -l udp:, -l eth0:5062 The default behavior
                      is to listen on all the interfaces.
        -n processes Number of child processes to fork per interface
                      (default: 8)
        -r           Use dns to check if is necessary to add a "received="
                      field to a via
        -R           Same as `-r` but use reverse dns;
                      (to use both use `-rR`)
        -v           Turn on "via:" host checking when forwarding replies
        -d           Debugging mode (multiple -d increase the level)
        -D           Do not fork into daemon mode
        -E           Log to stderr
        -T           Disable tcp
        -N processes Number of tcp child processes (default: equal to `-n`)
        -W method    poll method
        -V           Version number
        -h           This help message
        -b nr        Maximum receive buffer size which will not be exceeded by
                      auto-probing procedure even if  OS allows
        -m nr        Size of shared memory allocated in Megabytes
        -w dir       Change the working directory to "dir" (default "/")
        -t dir       Chroot to "dir"
        -u uid       Change uid
        -g gid       Change gid
        -P file      Create a pid file
        -G file      Create a pgid file


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