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Jorge Luis
  • Jorge Luis

    Jorge Luis - 2011-11-07

    Hi all,

    I am using OpenSIPS 1.6.4 + Mediaproxy 2.0 with a set of Asterisks. The accounting calls with trace SIP directly on MySQL. All works correctly.

    But i have found a problem with missing BYEs, when it occurs the calls no register.

    I supposed that i need know when the RTP flow stops in a channel to end the call correctly. Is it right?

    What can i do to solved it?

    Very Thanks, Regards.

  • Jorge Luis

    Jorge Luis - 2011-11-16


    To fix this problem i am trying to use accounting in Mediaproxy but no works correctly.
    I have OpenSIPS 1.6.4 and Mediaproxy-2.4.4
    I have installed SQLObject-0.10.0 for Python and I have configurated /etc/mediaproxy/config.ini

    accounting = database

    ; This section needs to be configured if database accounting is enabled

    ; Database URI in the form: scheme://user:password@host/database
    dburi = mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost/opensips

    ; Name for the table.
    sessions_table = media_sessions

    ; Column names. Columns are strings except for info which is a BLOB
    callid_column = call_id
    fromtag_column = from_tag
    totag_column = to_tag
    info_column = info

    When I use mediaproxy it creates the table correctly. When arrive a INVITE, Mediaproxy open the ports and don't make insert.
    So when arrive the Bye, Mediaproxy insert a row and no delete it never.
    What's happening?


  • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu


    You have 2 approaches in detecting the calls without BYE:

    1) on signaling level, by using the dialog module - you can (a) set a timeout for the call (so the call is terminated by opensips if longer than X seconds) or (b) by enabling in dialog pinging to check if the end-points are still alive.
    2) on media level, by using either mediaproxy, either rtpproxy - both can report RTP timeout ; even more rtproxy can trigger (on RTP timeout) a call termination at signaling level (via BYE). Personally I have more experience with RTPP.



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