lcape - 2012-10-10


We currently using two Freeswitch as our media and registrar server while opensips as a proxy/dispatcher for load balance and redundancy purposes. We base our configuration on this link: and it was working for us.

All servers and users are on our intranet so no issues on NAT traversal. Then we decided to open it to the internet as well. But we only like to expose opensips and server as the SBC and media proxy.

So opensips will have access on both network, public and internet private ip our freeswitch servers are located.

Using the sample configuration on the link, users from internet can register successful to our freeswitch via opensips but only getting oneway audio and if the user is behind NAT, there is no audio at all.

Doing a little capture trace on the signalling shows that the opensips is sending the private ip address of freeswitch to the caller located from the internet.

So before going further, we would like to inquire if what we are trying to achieve is feasible and are doing it correctly? Does using media proxy and opensips b2bua module will address the audio issue?

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance