apsaras - 2013-01-06

Hello everyone

I am trying to implement an Active-Active Cluster using DNS SRV to act as Registrar, Proxy, Presence and IM Server.

All works fine except Presence. My problem is that the Soft Phone used (jitsi) accepts requests only from proxy at which it is registered. I manage to make it work for other services except Presence.

The problem is that if user 100 is registered on S1 and 101 on S2 then the subscription of each user will go on S1 and S2 respectively. Hence if a publish message is sent from ie user 100 the 101 will receive a NOTIFY from S1 instead of S2 which is rejected. How can I configure presence in order to forward NOTIFY messages to the sip server that the user is registered?

Is my approach wrong? Is there any other way to make that work?

Thank you in advanced for your help