Question about OpenSIPS

  • Justin Padilla

    Justin Padilla - 2011-06-22

    Hi all, I am wanting to use OpenSIPS only for the nat trasversal. My switch ( Metaswitch ) handles the registration (User/pass) handles all the accounting and database functions I need. The only thing i need OpenSIPS to do is to rewrite the source IP for customers who are behind nat. Can I use OpenSIPS to do only this? I basically want to have open registration to the server, check if nated, if so the rewrite host IP with the public address and pass to my switch. If not nated, then just pass directly to my switch. Is that a possibility?

  • apsaras

    apsaras - 2011-07-27

    Yes it is possible. You can also use modules like NATHELPER and NAT_TRAVERSAL to handle the NAT issues for you.


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