OpenSIPs/CISCO does not ack Answer

  • ezz

    ezz - 2010-09-28


    We have an OpenSIPs server (1.6.2) that works as a SIP registrar and have rtpproxy setup on another server (to overcome NATting problem)

    everything is working ok with users (all on softphone) up until a user decided to use Cisco 7940 phones.

    He is using a CISCO 7940 (SIP Version 08-8-00) so he configured the phone and registered ok with the server, he gets the call ok and if answers the phone, the phone just continues to ring… it seems that OpenSIPs is not getting the off-hock back from the phone or the phone is not sending it..

    Have anyone experienced this before or know what could cause this?

    I dont have this issue with users using Softphone and haven't tried this using a different IP phones.


  • ezz

    ezz - 2010-09-30

    Mmmm, I downgraded the phone firmware to 7-5-00 and that fixed the problem