gimso - 2013-01-01


I'm a SIP and OpenSIPS newbiew - so I'd appreciate any help (and as elaborate as possible) I can get.

I'm trying to achieve a very simple taks: I want all sip sessions getting to my opensips server to be forwarded to a different SIP server.

I have a DID which is configured to send SIP connections to my network.
I setup the LIve VM and configured port forwarding, and when I call the DID I see the SIP messages getting to OpenSIPs.
Immediately afterwards opensips sends a "403" message, probably since the domain is not configured correctly.

I noticed the opensips_proxy.cfg has much more than I need, so I replaced it (the .m4 of course) with the contents from opensips.cfg.sample.

I then added the command sethostport("") in route (under if (is_method("INVITE"))).

Unfortunately this doesn't work. I don't see the SIP invites sent to

More problems I have:
1. When I change the configuration file, running "/etc/init.d/opensips_proxy restart" doesn't always reload configuration. Many time only rebooting the VM loads the new configuration - is that normal?
2. When I used the original opensips_proxy.cfg I could use xlog and see it in /var/log/syslog. But when I use it in the opensips.cfg I don't see it (I set debug=9 and fork=no) at the top - how can I use xlog?