OpenSIPs as a part of SBC

  • Kamil Nigmatullin

    Can anyone advise me? We have a softswitch but do not have SBC. For some reasons we need our users to be registered in the softswitch (Iskratel). I want to set the OPENSIPs as a sip proxy that can handle NAT (far-end). As for NAT traversal on server side I understood the way it works. Can anyone give me related link to read how can I manage sip proxying in my case? Should I look to loadbalancing?

  • Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

    Look at nat traversal related module (like nathelper) to do the nat traversal on opensips. Also you should consider using PATH support for keeping opensips on the registration path.


  • Kamil Nigmatullin

    Thank you Bogdan. The first thing that I don't understand is that nat_traversal is used for seeing clients behind nat. But how can I do NATing of the requests? I receive Register and invites on one network interface and send to another (softswitch protected zone) and vice-versa?. There are very few information concerning modle so I even cannot understand what it is used for. Thank you.

  • Kamil Nigmatullin

    Ok. Let me do everything step-by step. I built the following chain:
    USER("") <-->  <--> (Softswitch).

    No users' NATs at the moment. The first problem that I am facing is that opensips receive register packet on if1 and should forward it to if2. However it forwards client's request through if1 to softswitch  instead of if2. If I make the ip_forwarding=1 then i receive this path(> But this is incorrect as far as I understand.  And I cannot do anything to make Opensips to send through if2. Is there any specific parameter or trick?

    Thanks you in advance.
    And sorry for my English.


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