OpenSIPS to HTTP post

  • Dmitriy Andreyev

    Hi experts,

    I'm intersting of OpenSIPS can act as HTTP POST or GET client.
    I mean if it is possible to query HTTP requests towards external system?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Tan  Cheun Pin

    Tan Cheun Pin - 2010-09-27

    You consider using PERL library LWP:UserAgent.

  • manasg

    manasg - 2010-10-18

    I am looking for something similar - basically have Opensips query a HTTP webservice to make a routing decision.

    Does your suggestion of the Perl Lib involve the following?
    - using the Perl module in Opensips
    - invoking a perl script which interacts with the remote http server
    - return the value in an AVP

    Or is there a way to natively call perl methods from the Opensips script (opensips.cfg) ?