Alexander - 2012-05-30

Hello everybody!
I have the following scenario:
UA1 - PBX (registrar, private IP) - (private IP) OpenSIPs (public IP) - UA2 (Public IP).

When I configure the following type of settings on the UA2:
SIP Proxy = PBX Private IP
Outbound Proxy = OpenSIPs Public IP
All is working good. But I want to hide info about private IP of PBX, so the only thing i need to enter in UA settings is OpenSIPs Public ip address. How can I do this ?

I configured the desired settings on the phone and on the Opensips I tried to rewrite RURI and forward it to PBX.
Now when PBX replies with authentication nonce and the UA2 replies the reply contains uri="sip:opensips public ip" so the authentication is broken.