Opensips Control Panel (cp)

  • opensips-noob

    opensips-noob - 2010-05-27

    Hi, I have been trying to install version 3 and 4. I can have the access to cp using browser, but cannot link to mysql because

    cp version 3.0 has file but missing cdrs.sql and other mysql tables.
    cp version 4.0 has the tables but missing

    I followed the ways from the book Build Telephony System Opensips 1.6 and online help (including some mp4 videos in CP official website tutorial section. I even tried version 2.0.

    If anyone can help, thank you in advance.

  • Dmitriy Andreyev


    Did you try to perform the following:

    cd /var/www/opensips-cp/config
    //database host
    $config->db_host = "localhost";
    //database port - leave empty for default
    $config->db_port = "";
    //database connection user
    $config->db_user = "root";
    //database connection password
    $config->db_pass = "opensips";
    //database name
    $config->db_name = "opensips";
    if ($config->db_port != "")$config->db_host=$config->db_host":" $config->db_port;


  • carl lougher

    carl lougher - 2010-06-01

    Yup that fixed… Many thanks!!!!